Friday, 7 June 2013

Top 5 Video Editing Softwares.

 Today,most of us love video editing.Some do it in a professional way and some do it for fun.If you want to upload a video to youtube,you may have to edit it.You don`t have to be a skilled editor to do some post production (and of course...nobody is born skilled!)
Windows OS users might have used Windows Movie Maker,a simple video editing software.But like every products,a lot of video editing softwares are available.
Here is the list of Top 5 non-linear video editing softwares.
  1. Avid Media Composer     (PC&MAC)
  2. Apple Final Cut                (MAC)
  3. Adobe Premiere Pro         (PC&MAC)
  4. Sony Vegas Pro                (PC&MAC)
  5. Cyberlink Power Director  (PC&MAC)
Avid Media Composer is most used professional High-end movie production software in Hollywood and everywhere!It is very powerful and unfortunately it has a hard learning curve and you should have have a powerful computer to run it.But if you are ready to install Avid media composer,then good luck,other wise leave it to Professionals.Apple`s Final Cut and Adobe`s Premiere pro are best if you are not so much skilled but want to do a high-end production.They are not so difficult to use and learn as media composer but does everything Media composer does.Then comes Sony Vegas Pro,Oh! I love it.It is very good and not so costly as the above mentioned ones.If you load Full HD videos into vegas,It does not lags.Editng is smooth in Vegas Pro.Cyber Link`s powerdirector is the simplest yet gives powerful edit options.It is very very easy to use and you can easily make real 3D titles...Very cheap also...So go and make some coool videos.

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