Friday, 7 June 2013

Top 5 Digital Audio Workstations-2013.

What is DAW?

      A DAW is a short form of Digital Audio Workstation.But what's that?!Yeah,I'm telling...You know music is made using various instruments like guitar,flute,violin,drums,pianos etc.But that was ended in 1990's.Then large keyboards and mixers came that can make all of the sounds that above mentioned instrument made.Those keyboars were called audio workstation(you can see an image of audio workstation here).Then everything turned digital.So did music also!Thus workstation also went digital and named Digital Audio Workstation.Using DAW,we can create all kind of music in a computer installed with a DAW software.Sounds cool,right?
So,looking for a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) ? Uff!!! There are so many of them are available in market.Choosing one may be find difficult.Here we are listing top 5 DAWs. Some are professionals and some are semi-professionals!
  1. Avid Pro Tools  (PC&MAC)
  2. Apple logic pro  (MAC)
  3. Ableton Live      (PC&MAC)
  4. Sony Acid pro   (PC&MAC)
  5. Fl Studio            (PC&MAC)---Of these,Avid Pro Tools and Apple Logic Pro are widely used in Film Industry all over the world.They are much costly also.Sony Acid Pro and Ableton Live are also great stuffs.FL studio is the best for home users and starters.Its GUI is very easy to understand for beginners.All of them are proprietary softwares(you have to buy it by cash for unlimitted usage).But can be downloaded free as trial for a short period.
    So let`s get started and make some music!

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